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At the centre of Rocca Sveva lies a centuries-old villa, once the residence of a noble family of Soave. Built on the foundations of a 15th-century villa, the building was restored to its ancient lustre in 2010. On request, some of the rooms can be reserved for meetings and important events; these elegantly-refined spaces are rich in luxurious architectural decorations and priceless detail.

A historical document provides this information”
“Records of the noble Giavarina di Soave family go back to the 15th century. Their palazzetto rose in the foot of Monte Tenda in Borgo Covergnino. From the eastern flank of the building extended a dense wood of trees, which marched as far as the first slopes of that wild mountain.”
In the brief ascent to the villa was a grotto whose entrance bore this inscription:

Nostris Manibus/ In rerum natura/ Quasi/ Alteram naturam/ Efficere conamur.
Infine con le nostre mani tentiamo di creare in seno alla natura una specie di seconda natura.

(Grigolini, Pagine sparse di cronaca soavese)

The restored plaque is now on display inside the Villa Giavarina Rocca Sveva.