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Vintage 2019

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  • Denomination

    Rosso Veronese Igt

  • Grapes

    A blend of the finest grapes grown in the Verona hills, corvina, pinot noir, and merlot

  • Vinification and maturation

    The clusters naturally dry for 10-15 days on the vine
    and are then given a light drying on reed mats. after fermentation in steel, the individual wines mature briefly in oak casks for various periods of time

  • Bouquet

    Intriguing scents of dark berryfruit, wild roses, spices and rhubarb

  • Appearance

    Deep, near-opaque ruby red, which gives the wine its name–deep night

  • Palate

    Full-bodied, beautifully balanced, and well-rounded, with delicious notes of blueberry preserves and wild blackberry

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